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Your Legal / Administration Career Starts Here

Unfortunately we do not have any vacancies at the moment.

Program Associate
  • Develop conferences and seminars including designing the agenda, recruiting speakers, and working with the program assistant to ensure proper logistics.

  • Coordinate with expert consultants involved in ongoing research projects and conduct original research to contribute to program goals.

  • Manage grants given to the IARPO, prepare grant proposals, manage the grant budget, coordinate the grant project, and draft grant reports.

  • Prepare, write, and edit IARPO publications including news digests, newsletter articles, and major publications.

  • Assist the Heads in fundraising efforts from foundation and private sector sources.

  • Oversee the IARPO’s websites including responsibility for regularly updating content and formats.

  • Implement and lead educational trips for Members and staff of the IARPO in Switzerland, including ongoing coordination with consultants and staff.



  • Provides all program staff with recovery and wellness oriented training and mentoring.

  • Recognizes, assesses, and makes appropriate referrals in potential crisis situations.

  • Reviews all discharge summaries and ensures appropriate linkage and follow up.

  • Monitors staff compliance with all assessments and documentation requirements assuring compliance on a consistent basis.

  • Completes reports and gathers relevant data as required for IARPO program requirements.

  • Participates in weekly team meetings to review cases, communicate updates, and program developments.

  • Regularly attends and participates in in-service meetings and other designated training events that will enhance police skills and maintain best practices.

  • Meets all annual requirements and keeps abreast of all pertinent federal, state, and UN regulations, laws and policies

Paralegals / Staff


  • Projection of a professional image.

  • Litigation management to include litigation document review and tracking

  • Assisting in coordinating IARPO settlement discussions

  • General liability insurance documentation review

  • Physician and vendor contracts and agreements review and tracking

  • Serving as a legal / contracts resource for hospital leadership

  • Conducting researchs related to specific legal cases as assigned by General Counsel

  • Interfacing with outside legal counsel to obtain expert advice and counsel as required

  • Other general legal support

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