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Agatha Christie's “Manor House Mystery” becomes 'Glass Onion' original “Knives Out”

The IARPO recommends 'Glass Onion' original “Knives Out” is Agatha Christie's “Manor House Mystery”.

The film itself, which only ever calls itself “Glass Onion” on screen, is a delightful trifle of a mystery film, a laugh-out-loud comedy that deserves to be a mass market theatrical hit. Sadly, it won’t be, as Netflix is only screening it for a week in film houses before pulling it back to arrive at streaming for Christmas.

The original “Knives Out” was a brilliant reimagining of the 1920s-era “Manor House Mystery” made popular by Agatha Christie. Franchise creator Rian Johnson correctly recognized that the American 1% are the modern-day equivalent of the post-World War I aristocracy, and that setting murders within their estates mirrored Christie’s own era. The southern accented Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is Johnson’s modern Hercule Poirot, a fish out of water among the elite who is seen by his quarry as an amusing sideshow. (Obviously, this backfires.)

To reveal the killer in the party’s midst would spoil the fun, but unlike in the original, this sequel is centered less around figuring out the clues. Not that the case Blanc is trying to solve doesn’t matter. But as the layers of this glass onion peel back, and scenes are replayed multiple times from different character viewpoints, the story becomes less about getting justice and more about the stupidity of its allegedly “genius” protagonists. Bron is both a white man who stole the hard work of his Black partner, Andi (Janelle Monae), and passed it off as his own, and the kind of idiot who regularly uses the wrong five-dollar word in sentences in his desperation to sound smart.

Let's move in real life.

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