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Corporate Dark Web Monitoring - Swiss Security Solutions LLC

Corporate Dark Web Monitoring by Swiss Security Solutions
Corporate Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is still relatively new to most of us. Its anonymity has been exploited as an underground criminal platform for some time, however, there are not many companies currently operating within the field of dark web monitoring and investigation.

As a company who always strives for innovation, Swiss Security Solutions LLC feels it can help shape and develop the industry ensuring the solutions available are able to provide robust protection across industry sectors. Unfortunately for business the threat of the dark web is ever-growing. Coupled with GDPR regulations organizations need to be prepared for cybersecurity attacks and data breaches. More companies are looking to the dark web as a means of protecting themselves from such exploitation. Swiss Security Solutions anticipate that, as always, criminals will continue to utilize the dark web and introduce more innovative ways to commit crimes without being caught, and as such, we envisage a great and growing need to continue to combat these threats by providing innovative technologies that will help identify and understand the illegal activity that occurs.

The consequences of not taking the threat of the Dark Web seriously are significant; successful exploitation and distribution of material across the Dark Web can result in the demise of a business, as a result of financial or reputational damage.

Despite the majority of internet users avoiding the Dark Web, it is not exclusively criminals who use this platform. Many of its users are people with innocent intentions and curious minds who do not share the same ‘low- profile’ approach as criminals wanting to hide Dark Web activity and remain inconspicuous. As such, businesses exploited on the Dark Web are vulnerable to exposure on the open web, particularly if they are a large, recognizable company such as entertainment or communication platforms; would you really want to sign up and provide personal details to a company who you know to be exploited on the Dark Web? Any material on the Dark Web that incorporates even just a company’s logo on these marketplaces and forums immediately portrays the company as vulnerable or a target and can severely damage the company’s reputation.

Knowing a company has to some extent or another been exploited on the Dark Web can severely damage consumer confidence and B2B relationships. Failing to be proactive in protecting the organization’s position can have very real consequences in terms of reputation and as a consequence will have damaging financial consequences. Not taking action can lead to:

  • Legal or Regulatory fees/fines

  • Damage to customer loyalty and the acquisition of new customers

  • Competitors can acquire lost customers

  • Ruined reputation

  • Viral media coverage

  • Company considered unsecure and easily targetable – may hinder future funding and support deals, sponsorships, partnerships…

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