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Current practices in electronic surveillance - private investigator Switzerland

Current practices in electronic surveillance in the investigation of serious and organized crime is the UN Office on Drugs and Crime Handbook Edition. You can download it on the official UNODC website.

Electronic Surveillance - Private Investigator Switzerland - Observation - Detective Services
Electronic Surveillance - Private Investigator Switzerland

What is this about?

The value of employing electronic surveillance in the investigation of some forms of

serious crime, in particular organized crime, is unquestionable. It allows the gathering of

information unattainable through other means. Some countries have utilized surreptitious

electronic surveillance for nearly a century. For others it is a more recent phenomenon, and

for some it is not yet utilized at all.

The use by law enforcement of electronic surveillance should not be an investigative tool

of first resort, instead its use should be considered when other less intrusive means have

proven ineffective or when there is no reasonable alternative to obtain crucial information

or evidence. Even when electronic surveillance is appropriate, it will generally need to be

used in conjunction with other investigation methods in order to be most effective.

It should also be noted that in some countries the existence of a federal system of governance means that electronic surveillance can be regulated at both a local and at a national level. Federal law will often apply where the investigation is into crime that crosses borders, however, organized crime is of course also investigated by local law enforcement. It is not possible for this document to comprehensively consider regulation of individual states, regions or provinces within countries, although their mention will occur where valuable examples arise.

For those jurisdictions without any regulation, or with legislation which is lacking in some

respect, the challenge is to develop a balanced system for the use of electronic evidence

gathering. The balance which needs to be struck is that between the effective use of

electronic evidence gathering and the protection of citizens’ rights. This includes balancing

the cost of utilizing these methods against the ultimate public benefit gained from a

conviction. These considerations should be weighed carefully by legislators, prosecutors,

law enforcement and the like.

The electronic surveillance service in private and corporate investigations are allowed. This kind of surveillance is the same as the surveillance done by the law enforcement. The goals can be the same e.g. crime prevention, investigation of family crime or private.

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