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Global Swiss Security & Safety - Investigative & Intelligence Services - Swiss Security Solutions

Swiss Security Solutions Head office is located in Zürich, Switzerland. They have 200 years of know-how and 65 years of management industry experience (also at Fortune Global 500 companies). They are globally operating, and authorized by the security department of state.

Swiss Security Solutions specializes in investigating investment fraud, identity theft, financial statement fraud, asset misappropriation, romance fraud, skimming of cash, misuse of company assets, theft of intellectual property and trade secrets and healthcare, insurance, and banking. Our services and solutions also include background checks, locating a missing person, infidelity and cheating spouse, prenuptial matrimonial agreements, online brands fraud, banking fraud, corporate intelligence, communications interceptions, phone and laptop monitoring, vehicle tracking, surveillance and observation, online and social network investigations, forensic services and digital forensic services.

Swiss Security Solutions are providing the services for private and corporate clients.


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