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Gordon Ramsay speaks out on daughter's sexual assault - Private Investigations Switzerland

Gordon Ramsey has given a candid update on daughter Holly Ramsay following the news she was sexually assaulted age 18.

Gordon Ramsay said Holly was now "absolutely fine" after the ordeal. The chef said the pandemic had given him time to "understand" what the now 21-year-old had been through.

Speaking in a new interview with his wife Tana Ramsay, 47, published today, the 54-year-old said his second daughter had been through "a very difficult time".

Holly had a short stay in a psychiatric hospital following the sexual assault.

She was diagnosed with PTSD and opened up about what happened after launching her own mental health podcast, 21 & Over, in August.

The restaurant owner confirmed she has now "dealt with those issues" after going through a "healing process". "There are so many little idiots out there that want to take advantage of our girls," he stated. The television personality went on to discuss Holly, saying the family benefitted from spending extra time together due to lockdown.

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