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Private Investigator and Bill & Melinda Gates

Bill and Melinda French Gates’s divorce after a 27-year marriage and a storied partnership instantly became the stuff of tabloid legend, complete with splashy headlines, paparazzi shots, and feverish speculation. Pockets of people around Silicon Valley, in Florida horse country, and across New York City have privately pored over the news for weeks. Just about every mainstream outlet has published details. Inside Microsoft, however, things have been eerily hush-hush. There has been no formal discussion of the split: no company-wide or internal team meetings, no mass emails—at least not yet. According to one current Microsoft employee, the news has had very little—if any—effect on the day-to-day operations at Microsoft. Bill essentially left the company around 2008, this person said, noting that both Gates started to focus the majority of their time on their charitable foundation.

Nowadays, you can read that Private Investigators were involved in the divorce and before divorce. What is the truth and why we write about this?

We write about this, because the marriage of the Bill and Melinda Gates came to the end, because Bill was against private investigation and detective agencies.

The truth is that during the divorce, there were no private investigators or detective agencies involved, but before the divorce Melinda was unhappy with how Bill dealt with a sexual harassment claim against his long-time money manager, insisting on bringing in outside private investigators or detective agency. And then in 2019, when the relationship between her husband and Jeffrey Epstein became public knowledge, she hired divorce lawyers, setting a plan into motion.

It’s not clear how much Melinda knew about her husband’s behaviour or these rumours, or how much they factored into her decision to file for divorce. People close to the couple said there had been tension for some time, that they had been living separate lives for years, and that the decision to separate had been delayed until their youngest daughter graduated from high school.

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