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Romance scamming via WhatsApp, Tinder and Kik - Who can help you?

At a time when many people meet their partners on online dating sites and social networks, more and more scammers are also cavorting there. You have heard from News, Media or Social Network that many people were scammed via WhatsApp, Tinder and Kik.

Mostly the first contacts are by social networks like Tinder, Badoo, or some other Dating App, and the further communication goes via WhatsApp and Kik. The chat begins with many lovely messages, after a few days and hundreds of messages, it gave you a fake hope of meeting a successful and pretty businesswoman or businessman who lived in your city or city near you. And soon also of a fantastic investment opportunity, if only he could quickly raise a few thousand dollars, euro or Swiss francs in start-up capital.

The fraudsters say that they are investors, earning a lot of money, they send the pictures, videos and websites to convince the Victim to pay. Most of the victims pay between USD/CHF 10 000.- up to USD/CHF 2M.

Most of the victims think they could be helped from police and local State Attorney, in fact they will accept your complaint and in most cases as they have no resources, they will put this on hold. On the other side, the fraud is also a civil matter and you as a Victim can do a lot before fraudsters spend your money which can not be recovered any more. You can not fight this alone, you will need a support of professional team to help you and be on your side. They need to be experts in cyber crime, but also in skip tracing and business control.

We have done our research and after consultation with the leading company on the Global and Swiss Market for Online Fraud Investigations and Asset Recovery Swiss Security Solutions LLC we can recommend you the following World leading agencies:

1) Private Investigator Switzerland -

2) Private Detective Agency -

3) Swiss Detective Agency -

4) Blockchain Investigation Agency -

5) Cyber Investigative Solutions -

Contact them today to help you, as your money will be gone in few months and an Asset Recovery process can not be started.

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