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Swiss Private Detective Agency and Swiss Private Investigations

Statement from Executive Board of Swiss Security Solutions sent on 21st June 2022 to business partners in the USA, Canada, Australia, EMEA, EU, UK,

"Executive Board of Swiss Security Solutions LLC headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland gives basic information and explanations to business partners:

1. Private investigators in Switzerland are some of the best in the world.

Many people make a comparison between Swiss and American investigations. They’re not really that different. The same core principles of reliability, honesty and discretion are applied in both countries.

The difference is that in Switzerland, the client is the first priority and the investigator’s sole concern. In America, you’re competing with other investigators for clients, so you have to be more selective about who you take on. In Switzerland, there is no competition – only satisfaction.

2. We are a full-service private Swiss detective agency in Zürich-City, Switzerland, serving all of EMEA, EU, UK and Balkans.

3. Results-oriented agency with CHF 10 Million Case Guarantee.

This is a long-standing Swiss national investigation agency. Our agents are well qualified, with a long-standing commitment to quality, discretion and confidentiality. A full service private investigator agency located in Zürich, Switzerland, and serving all of Europe and the Middle East. We have a record of successful prosecution results with our clients since 1974, together with an exclusive CHF 10 Million Case Guarantee.

4. Services offered by private investigator agencies in Switzerland.

The Swiss-made, Swiss-owned, and Swiss-operated private investigative agency. We are a full service private investigator agency serving all of EMEA, EU, UK and Balkans. The company is based in Zürich-City, Switzerland and know-how of 220+ years, with the mission to provide high quality professional services to its clients. Our clients come from all walks of life and all areas of life. Our clientele ranges from law enforcement agencies to corporate clients. Our team consists of experienced investigators who are dedicated to providing the highest quality services at an affordable price.

5. Why private investigator agencies are important in Switzerland.

One of the best choices for private investigation services in Switzerland and EMEA. We do all kinds of investigations, from simple to complex, with a strict confidentiality policy. Our agency has over 85+ years' management experience in the field and offers private investigator services to individuals, companies and organizations around the world.

6. The benefits of using a private investigator agency in Switzerland.

There are many benefits to using a private investigator agency in Switzerland. We are one of the best choices for private investigators in Switzerland and Europe as well as EMEA, USA, UAE, Canada etc.. We offer professional services such as background checks, investigations, commercial fraud, criminal background checks and more.

7. The importance of choosing a reputable private investigator agency in Switzerland.

Switzerland has a reputation for being one of the safest countries in the world. While this is often true, there are also many other factors that make Switzerland a safe place to live and work. While it’s true that Swiss citizens are generally free from crime, there are still some risks that cannot be overlooked. To help you know what to watch out for when choosing a private investigator agency in Switzerland, here is an overview of some of the things we looked out for during our investigation:

1) Privacy: We always kept an eye on how well Switzerland maintains its privacy laws. When choosing a private investigator agency in Switzerland, it’s worth considering if your private information is stored and protected properly.

2) Productivity: We looked at how well Swiss private investigators can reach their clients in a timely manner. One way to determine this is by looking at the time taken to complete each case (difficult due to language barriers). Here again, we found that Swiss private investigators need to keep an eye on time taken by each case – and we recommend using the most efficient way possible so that each case can be finished as quickly as possible.

3) Security: We also looked at how well Swiss private investigators protect their clients’ information – whether it’s personal data or financial data – before handing it over to third parties. In this regard, we found that Swiss private investigators should keep an eye on how secure their websites and other online communications are from being accessed by third parties. Here again, one way to do this would be by ensuring strict encryption when communicating with clients via email or social media channels.

4) Confidentiality: Finally, we also looked at whether Swiss private investigators respect their clients’ privacy – meaning, whether they will not share sensitive information about them with law enforcement or other third parties without their consent. What this means in practice is important because if companies do not respect clients’ privacy, they might be seen as untrustworthy when hiring a Swiss investigator agency in Switzerland – which could result in negative repercussions for business relationships with them later on down the line (e.g., costly legal fees)."

If you need reliable, discreet and confidential Private Investigations Office in Switzerland, or global player you may reach out them via:

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