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The Best Blockchain Investigative Agency in the World - Cyber Investigative Solutions in Switzerland

Zürich, 16.2.2021 - On the Internet you will find very small number of the Blockchain Investigative Agencies, as the matter a fact you will find only one which is compliant with international laws and regulations - Cyber Investigative Solutions from Zürich, Switzerland. Cyber Investigative Solutions is a Department of the Swiss Security Solutions LLC.

There is one other blockchain investigations provider registered in UK but with workforce in Vancouver, Canada and USA etc. which has only EMail contact and has no phone number on the website, on the end they will ask you for a minimum Retainer of USD 3500.- per case. The experiences which we have seen, show that after they receive your Email they are going to forward it to another people outside the company, without contacting you and without your approval, which means that they are working without Data Privacy Compliance, as they are going to share your information to unknown people and without your approval.

What is different at Cyber Investigative Solutions from Zürich, Switzerland?

They are Data Privacy Compliant and working according to the laws and regulations. They are not going to forward any of your data to unknown persons, or without your approval. You can Open your Case Online anytime, the minimum Retainer Fee is USD 2250.- per "Crypto" case, a way lower of the another Blockchain Investigative Agency. The most important for clients is that Cyber Investigative Solutions has USD 10 Mill. Corporate Liability Insurance per Case, and they are the only investigative Agency in the World providing so high Service Guarantee.

What about investigative and forensics experiences?

The Cyber Investigative Solutions was working on cases worth more than USD 3 Billion, and the another web listed agency was working on cases up to few millions of dollars. On the other side, the Cyber Investigative Solutions is providing all kind of services about cyber crimes including integral services with field investigative solutions which is important to locate the funds and involved criminal organizations, as well as to think outside the box.

The Cyber Investigative Solutions is specialized for providing customized Private Cyber Investigator Services and Cyber Investigative Solutions for cases:

Reputation & Brand Investigations, Internet Defamation, Copyright & Trademark, Blockchain Investigations and Forensic Services, Sextortion & Privacy Invasion, Computer Crime Investigations, Celebrities, V.I.P., Executives Hacked, Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud, Internet Fraud & Online Scams (Scamming), Cyber Stalking, Cyber Bullying, Cyber-Mobbing (Harassment), Corporate Investigations (e.g. CEO-Fraud, Social Engineering), Deep Web Intelligence Services, Cyber Extortion, Integrated Investigations (Field & Cyber Investigations), Investment scams - Due Diligence (Field & Cyber Due Diligence), Fraud with Fake Online-Shops, Fake-Lottery, Inheritance-Scam, false billing, Travel prize, Charities, Dating & Romance, Jobs etc. Internet Monitoring Services.

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