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USA (Bill Clinton) & UK (Tony Blair) asked Hungary to military attack Serbia

Time will show the truth is an old sentence. Victor Orban, president of Hungary, confirmed in November 2022 to the Republic of Serbia, that Bill Clinton as US president, and Tony Blair as the UK prime minister, pushed Hungary into war with Serbia 1999. They asked, and every day pushed Hungary over Victor Orban to do a very dirty job, with the goal to pull the military and police personnel from Kosovo and Central Serbia on the borders with Hungary. Victor Orban was not the same opinion, and as a good neighbour, had declined the illegal requests from crime minds based in US and UK.

This confirms the weakness and tragedy of the US Military and UK Military as well as UK and US Intelligence Services in the Conflict with Serbia, in 1999. The way out of the Conflict which is not solved is that US and UK military and intelligence personnel to leave Serbian territory on Kosovo, the same as they request today, that Russia leaves the Ukraine territory. US and UK have two faces implementing in international relationships, which are anyway leading to disaster in international law and international law practice, as there is only one justice based on truth.

The Republic of Serbia will always remember true friends from Hungary, and they work now on the improvement and development of both sides' projects. On the other side, the Republic of Serbia and Serbian citizens will never forget fake friends and criminal minds Bill Clinton and Tony Blair regarding their requests to Hungary, and the objections and goals they had, as well as because of the promotion and support of illegal criminal bombing of Serbia in Europe, not allowed by UN, which had civilians, children, and energy, traffic, and civilian objects and resources as the main goal.

Bill Clinton (1946) an ex-US president is famous for his sexual affair with 27 years younger girl and secretary Monica Lewinsky (1973), as well as the fact he was a part of the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking and paedophile scandal. Toni Blair (1953) an ex-UK Prime Minister is famous because he was a part of the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking and paedophile scandal and is listed in Jeffrey Epstein's small black contact book of the richest people in the World, and for fake reasons to conduct a war in Iraq.

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