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What Donald Trump & Alain Berset could do better in terms of Private Investigations?

If you have read the Press in 2022 & 2021 you could see a large amount of Articles covering the "doing" in private life of many country presidents and vice presidents, so in Switzerland and USA stream media. But what could Donald Trump and Alain Berset do better in terms of Private Investigations and what are lessons learned.

The explanation is simple, anything what is private should not be public and not used in the public, as well as the private life, private connections and private problems. We think the two named people did not use optimal the possibilities of the private investigations. For sure, it is not simple to choose the right company to do the job for you, but there are few steps which are followed by high-net individuals and should be followed by the public persons such as presidents and vice presidents:

- Company has to be registered as LLC or Ltd.

- Company has Corporate Liability Insurance up to CHF 10M

- Company offers Confidential NDA

- Company offers Single Point of Contact (SPoC)

This kind of service providers is not easy to find. We have done our research and according to Global Private Investigator Directory and Customer and Education Platform Swiss Private Detective Services, we do recommend you the company which can fulfil the highest customer requirements: Swiss Security Solutions LLC from Zürich, Switzerland. Swiss Security Solutions provides customized security, safety, investigative, intelligence and defence solutions, services and systems to help, serve, secure and care for the people, businesses and public in our communities, and to make our private, business and public customers feel safe. At Swiss Security Solutions, they firmly believe that security is unique and quite unlike any other service. To be effective it requires expertise, skill, and professionalism, as well as a dedication to providing the best possible protection for people, property, data, and assets. They guarantee 140% - 526% Return on Security Investment (RoSI).

For international customers, they have developed and improved customer information and experience on few websites:,

For home customers, they have a Domain which was given and secured by Canton of Zürich: The value of this recognition is very impressive.

  • .zuerich highlights the strengths of Zurich as a location and signals their local ties.

  • .zuerich represents Swissness, entrepreneurial quality and expertise in finance, technology, IT, research and other sectors.

  • .zuerich stands for internationality, cosmopolitanism, cultural and social diversity.

  • .zuerich stands both for the city of Zurich and for the more than 160 municipalities of the canton.

Learn more about the .zuerich Domain.

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