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Foreign Intelligence & International Private Media trying to push problems in Serbia

Zürich, July 9th 2020 - Serbian Intelligence Services and Serbian police have arrested foreign intelligence subcontractor workers who were involved in protests against Lockdown in Serbia on July 8th 2020. International Private Media systems (many of them) have experienced Budget problems because of Covid-19, and today during Covid-19 Crisis they accept any story to publish with 50% discount, is that true or not, it is not important - just fabricating the news as a T-Shirt.

For example, Mr. R.L. Ucraininan citizen with Israel driving licence was arrested during the protest as attacker on police units, he came extra with group of people of other nationalities to be a part of anti-government protest and was residing in a hotel in Belgrade. Mr. R.L. was convicted for taking a part in anti-government protests in other countries.

Here are the photos of extremists who are supported by foreign intelligence and international private media attacking the Serbian National Assebly and Serbian police:

Why Lockdown? Serbia has seen a dramatic rise in cases and authorities have announced a state of emergency in several towns and cities. Switzerland was the first state that banned Serbian residents to enter Switzerland and to visit their relatives and family. Opposition in Serbia and foreign intelligence, as well as good paid international private media, do not think as Switzerland and Serbia, that's why they think this is the right moment to destabilize Serbia.

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