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IARPO helped Swiss Investigators and Swiss Detective Agency

Swiss Investigators and Swiss Detective Agency aka Swiss Security Solutions LLC has to be able to reach the big Global Audience in the World. This is possible with Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads, but not always.

IARPO has developed and improved a model of contacts in police stations in the whole World to spread the word about other possibilities when police has to close the door and can not do anything. This helped the Swiss Security Solutions to be more recognized in the World and known from the target audience (victims of fraud and scam, victims of cyberstalking, victims of any crime).

Online fraud cases are rising with the COVID-19 crisis and companies, investors, the public as well as public organizations such as enterprises, governments, the police force, and the army are also falling victim. As a result, private investigative firm Swiss Security Solutions LLC has seen a huge uptick in demand for its services. In order to help as many people as possible, Swiss Security Solutions have launched a new website to offer Cyber Investigative Solutions to business, private, and public sector clients.

Swiss Security Solutions LLC is one of the most competent private security and investigative firms in EMEA and has over 85+ years of combined experience with 220 years of Know-How conducting private, corporate, and public sector investigations. They work on intelligence cases worth USD 45 billion. They have helped many companies, investors, and private clients combat online and offline fraud.

Their expertise covers many types of cases including CEO Fraud, Investment Fraud, Online Broker Fraud, Non-Delivery Fraud, Online Romance Scam, Online Date Fraud, Sextortion, Stalking, and Sugar Baby Scams. Their primary goal is to stop wrongdoing and help their clients recover financial losses as soon as possible. In some cases, Swiss Security Solutions involves key personnel from Interpol and Europol.

Swiss Security Solutions provides customized security, safety, investigative, intelligence and defence solutions, services and systems to help, serve, secure and care for the people, businesses and public in our communities, and to make our private, business and public customers feel safe. At Swiss Security Solutions, we firmly believe that security is unique and quite unlike any other service. To be effective it requires expertise, skill, and professionalism, as well as a dedication to providing the best possible protection for people, property, data, and assets. They guarantee you 140% - 526% Return on Security Investment (RoSI).

Swiss Security Solutions LLC website, brands and trademarks:

Private Investigator Switzerland -

Swiss Detective Agency -

Private Detective Agency Switzerland -

Cyber Investigative Solutions -

Blockchain Investigation Agency -

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