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Swiss Private Detective Agency for Custody Battle or Looking for someone

Has anyone ever hired a Private Investigator Agency to investigate their ex for a custody battle or to investigate a missing brother or sister?

Swiss Security Solutions LLC aka Private Investigator Switzerland & Swiss Detective Agency is providing the private investigator services in Switzerland and globally - internationally. If you need a professional advisory, top service and affordable prices, that is the place where should you open your case. They are licensed, discreet, experienced and insured up to CHF 10 million per Case and Client (Corporate Liability Insurance).

Private Investigator Switzerland website gives you possibility to see how is it to look like to work together with them. In some investigator firms, the initial consultation for your case is not free. They offer 30 minutes of free consultation only for complex cases. Their investigations are structured for cost-effectiveness. On some of their investigation services a fixed fee is possible. Background Check or Business Intelligence Report is an example of this where a fixed fee is paid. Other services such as covert surveillance, crime investigation, asset tracing, due diligence, dormant accounts investigation... on the other hand don’t lend well to a fixed fee as it is not known how many hours and travel Km will be needed to gather the evidence you need. To help you with this, you can block book our hours, so that costs are affordable.

Sometimes, without a primary investigation it is not possible to provide a flat fee, project costs or definitive time frame. The scope of a primary investigation may be very restricted or may constitute the entire investigation. A primary investigation is critical to the success of any subsequent investigative efforts. The primary investigation costs between CHF 1'500.- and CHF 3'500.- within 15 working days.

The typical retainer fee for investigators and detectives could be anywhere from CHF 1'000.- to CHF 50'000.- which depends on what kind of case you have and whom you have selected as your investigator. A private investigator's office retainer fee can be the initial down payment toward your total bill, or it can also be a type of reservation fee to reserve a private investigator's office exclusively for your services within a certain period of time. As a general rule, they charge for their services on the basis of hourly rates, which vary depending on the seniority of the investigator or investigative team on your case and the relevant investigative subject matter, complexity of the case we should work on.

For their investigators the hourly fees are between CHF 90.-/hour to CHF 170.-/hour + VAT, depending on the case. However, the agreed hourly rate has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the investigative office. An investigative office that ultimately needs 20 hours for a case and charges CHF 110.00 per hour is more expensive than an investigator's office which charges CHF 160.00 but only needs 10 hours. Billing is usually in time units (Min. 6 minutes).

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